I Miss You !

Published June 20, 2015 by aireene

HELP. Don’t panic ! I’m not asking for help help here. I’m just listening to Beatles’ song titled HELP. It’s been a long time since I last listened to their songs. As you could tell, I sort of miss England. I miss the weather. I miss the smell. I miss having random people calling me sweetie, love, darling and etc ! Urghhh I truly miss the land.

So far, no plan as yet for me to travel to England this year. But I do hope I’d be able to make a visit to the country soon enough.

Feeling rather restless but happy !

Published November 16, 2014 by aireene

I’m proud of myself and thank god for the beautiful gift of good health. If it wasn’t of my good health I wouldn’t be able to board a flight to Penang right after my flight from Haneda. I was in dilemma in first place. I wasn’t sure if I could run after a restless long haul flight. As you can expect my motivation was SO low and I almost gave up in participating. After getting friends views & too much of contemplating I finally bought flight ticket to Penang just two days before I flew for Tokyo. One thing that others do not know is I chose to fly to Penang just because I value my friendship with Miss Wong. I didn’t want to disappoint her. I told myself, i’d rather feel a bit tired than be miserable loosing a friend.

I may have not told you in my many conversations about her. To me she is inspirational. She encourages me to stay fit, eat healthy, and keep on running..consistently. I do not know where she find the patience to continuously motivate me; a lazy bugger. She said I have 101 excuses when it comes to doing run races. Kahkahkah…today, I just told her I might not be running in Singapore in coming two weeks. Then I said, “Before I do runs I need to loose weight for better timing.” You know what she said ? “Yes, either you run or you put on weight !” I was like what? She really got me there ! Now, I’m so semangat (feel encouraged) to go after listening her psychotic response ! Tomorrow, it’s time again to buy another flight tickets.



A Little Bit About Myself

Published October 24, 2014 by aireene

I realised that I’m so much like my late MUM in two things;

(A) selection of eyeliner – only brown colour tones. I tried to see if I look ok with black colour but I always find that I look much better with brown tones. My late mum used to buy this two colours of eyeliner, you know where half of the pencil is black and the other half is brown? Yep, like the one below.

I remember asking her why she never used the other side, she said she never like black. I was too small and didn’t even ask why can’t she just buy where both sides are brown.

(B) Shoes – at least with 1.5 inches heels. Flat shoes are never for me. They make me look short. The other day in UK, my dad … hmmmm … Convinced me that I shall get new pair of shoes. I do not know why he asked me so. Probably he think I didn’t really dress up (wear nice clothes, carry expensive handbag). While trying on some shoes from the rack, he came next to me. “I’m like mum, I look short in these!” I said. Then, he laughed and said, “you remember! Yes, kene beli those with heels.” There you go! I ended up buying not just one pair but three pairs 🙊

Apart from these two, my aunts did mentioned I have her character & attitudes. I guess it’s fair cos I don’t have her look (my sis is copycat of her) but lucky enough to have the other good side of her🙂

What Travel Taught Me So Far

Published October 22, 2014 by aireene

There are much more things I want to discover and achieve in this life and I would not have realised this if I didn’t travel recently. The three weeks (well almost) off was well spent and before the journey ended I already started doing mental planning for next year. My aim is to travel to the places that I have never been and make the best of out of it, God willing.

Travel as you may already know has its own perks and benefits. If you ask me in what way travel has benefited me, I would have to say that travel has shaped myself into a better person. Better in a way that I feel more confident than I used to be 10 years ago. Not to mention, I’m also now better at conversation with people surround me or just complete strangers. I start conversation and ask questions without fearing that I would get stupid look or answers. When I travel to countries where english is not their official language, I use simple words i.e thank you, hello, good morning in local language and so far it never failed to impress the locals. It’s amazing. Travel also educates me to be more adaptable. After visiting my third home; Japan more than I can count on my fingers, I have to say I’m more adaptable to their people & cultures. I bow and at the same time nod my head to greet the Japs. For them, shaking hands can be uncomfortable. I usually allow them to lead way and if they offer to shake (not that I remember) I’d follow suit.

Well, above is from my own experiences. How about you create your own some? For those who have intention to discover new places and experience new things, my suggestion is to do what ever it takes to make your dream become reality. Don’t be boring at home wishing that you were somewhere nice or doing something interesting.

What a serene place. I thank God for this opportunity!

What a serene place. I thank God for this opportunity!

Show Off — Never !!

Published May 15, 2014 by aireene

Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove — Terry Pratchett

It makes me feel awkward when people start to brag about themselves. In most of the time I would stay silent. While I respect their freedom to brag, I on the other hand try to keep myself grounded as much as possible. I ensure, I do the same when posting statuses on the social media. No drama, No big words 😄

20140515-080502 am.jpg